Comrex has designed and manufactured broadcast equipment since 1961, today we are proud that Clyde Broadcast is licensed to sell Comrex’s outside broadcast equipment across Africa. Their product offering has consistently used the best in current technology to meet and exceed the needs of broadcasters. Since their inception Comrex have providing a down-to-earth answer to a broadcast need the world over – bringing high quality audio in to the studio from virtually anywhere.

From their initial product offering, Comrex have constantly strived to deliver high quality broadcast equipment to radio stations across the world, regardless of location. From the their first Frequency Extenders to ISDN codecs in the early 90s and POTS codedcs in 1996, they’ve continued to move with the times and the technologies involved. in 2004 digital hybrids were added in including phone equipment – ensuring control for talk shows and call-ins – and then it was on to ensuring that remote broadcasting could be done at a much higher quality and from virtually everywhere.

We have worked with Comrex for a number of years, using their equipment in our studio setups and equipment upgrades. You can find out more about Comrex on their website.