Products and Packages

In Kenya, we offer a full range of products, including several studio set up packages – meaning that we can create a set up specifically to work your station’s needs.

In addition to offering our own Synergy and So Easy packages we are also dealers for other radio brands in Kenya. Our relationship with brands like Comrex and VidiGo means that even for the products we do not make ourselves we can get high-quality sections from our suppliers that we know will be compatible with our systems. We take full responsibility for delivering working systems to you, so you can also guarantee that you are not going to have problems with faulty equipment being installed.

Synergy Digital Integrated Broadcast Centre

Synergy Digital Integrated Broadcast Centre

To discuss your requirements for any of this equipment please contact our Sales Office, or alternatively see our Kenyan Radio Brochure for more details.


Our complete studio and station packages were created in response to requests from customers (especially those new to broadcasting). They ensure that you are purchasing a complete station system with fully compatible equipment.

The main advantages of the package approach are:

  • All equipment is guaranteed to be fully compatible
  • The individual items of equipment will function as a system
  • The package will contain everything required for an operational studio/station
  • Purchasing and delivery logistics are considerably simplified
  • There is a single point of contact for installation, training AND support

Our main studio and station packages are called Synergy and So Easy Radio.  You can download brochures on each by clicking the links below:

We can also break down these packages into single studio and combination studio packages if this suits your needs better.

So Easy Radio Hybrid Station

So Easy Radio Hybrid Station

Contact Clyde Broadcast in Kenya today to discuss your station’s requirements.