About Clyde In Kenya

At Clyde, we’re really proud to have been working in Kenya with some of the finest broadcasters for almost a decade. Since 2007 our team have been working with the likes of the Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation bringing great radio equipment and training to Kenya.

Our clients in Kenya reach beyond KBC though, having set up and improved stations such as the Kenyan Institute of Education and popular commercial radio stations like Radio Maisha and 98.4 Capital FM – you can in our more about all of these in our Case Studies.

Based in the United Kingdom, with several offices based in West Africa, we understand both the best way to create radio stations and the best way to make them in Kenya. From the best transmitters to use to how many engineers it will take to set up to what levels of training are required, we know what it will take to get your radio station on air.

You can find out more about our Clyde Broadcast’s international experience here or alternatively Contact Us today to find out what we can do for your station.

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