Kenya Broadcast Corporation (KBC)

Case study – Kenya Broadcast Corporation

Phased Upgrade of National Radio Broadcast Headquarters

KBC-Logo-300x154-revThe state broadcaster, KBC, is Kenya’s largest and most established radio organisation serving the country with thirteen radio services originating from the broadcast HQ in Nairobi.

Working with a team from KBC, Clyde developed a program for a phased replacement of outdated technical facilities. The pilot phase started with the national ‘Radio Taifa’ services that was brought up to date with a network based ‘Clyde Synergy’ system. Clyde and KBC engineers worked to update the work-flows while trainers assisted with a change program covering production, traffic and management.

With the technology well established the roll-out of Synergy-equipped studios throughout the rest of broadcast KBC HQ took place, including the installation of a fibre-backbone and audio over IP infrastructure.

KBC Managing Director Waithaka Waihenya : ‘The experience working with Clyde has been very satisfactory. Their team has been extremely professional, meeting their targets while providing high quality service and advice.’